Dog care tips, tasty treat recipes & handmade crafts
for dog lovers & pet owners

Welcome to
'Tiny Terrier' :)

Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a self-confessed dog lover, dog rescue volunteer and proud dog mum to Freddie and Socks, my two crazy but extremely loveable shih-tzus.

Dog Care Tips

You'll find loads of dog care tips here; from learning how to understand those quirky canine behaviours to making life with your dog that little bit easier.

Ever wondered why your dog eats grass, how to stop dogs barking at the fence or how to keep your pooch safe and cool in summer?

Find the answers to all those dog care questions you've always wondered but never asked.

All dog care tips

Getting a new dog

Getting a new dog is a very exciting time for you, your family and your future pooch.

Whether you choose to buy a new puppy or adopt a rescue dog, find out how to settle your dog into their new home and make them feel like one of your family from the very first day.

And of course, don't forget to plan an adorable new dog announcement to share your wonderful news!

Prepare for your new dog

Dog Craft Projects

I LOVE getting crafty and making fun toys and games for my dogs. If you like to get creative, you'll love these DIY dog craft ideas!

All dog craft projects

Dog Treats & Tasty Food

One way to show your love for your dog is by cooking them up some tasty homemade treats.

Find scrummy dog treat recipes here, as well as ideas for other foods you can (and can't!) feed your dog to give them a lovely balanced diet with the occasional yummies.

Cool your dog down on those hot summer days with 'frosty paws' frozen dog treats, or whip them up some tasty seasonal treats for the holidays.

Let's get cooking!

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