Strawberry & Apple Frozen Dog Treats Recipe

Strawberry and Apple Frozen Dog Treats

With all this wonderful hot weather we have been enjoying in the UK I thought I’d try out some frozen dog treat recipes for my pooches.

This healthy strawberry, apple and peanut butter recipe is a firm favourite with my two shih tzus!

I tried so hard to get a photo of Freddie and Socks enjoying these treats… but they snarfled them all so quickly that this is the best I managed to capture!! They definitely liked them as they didn’t last very long 😀

Shih tzu eating frozen dog treat

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Healthy fruit-based frozen dog treats

One of the huge benefits of making your own frozen dog treats is that you know exactly what’s gone into them. This means you can be sure your pooch is eating only the finest ingredients!

This fruity dog treat recipe is gluten free, grain free, egg free and it’s vegetarian and vegan too.


The only ingredients you need to make these delicious ice pops for your pup are strawberries, an apple, peanut butter and a dash of water – yum!

The recipe is perfectly edible for humans too – although you may wish to add some honey or other sweetener to make them taste better. Don’t feed your dog the sweetened version though – they don’t need all that sugar.

To make little individual treats you’ll need an ice cube tray. I LOVE these shaped silicon ice cube moulds as they create super-cute shaped dog treats.

The other piece of equipment you need is a blender. I absolutely adore my Kenwood Mini Chopper and use it SO much when I’m cooking – both for my family and my dogs!

It’s a lovely compact chopper that’s perfect for smaller recipes such as these frozen dog treats.

So now that you have all your ingredients and equipment together… let’s get started on our dog treats!

Strawberry & Apple Frozen Dog Treats

Treat your dog this summer with this easy-to-make recipe for frozen strawberry, apple and peanut butter dog treats. 


  • 8 Strawberries Stalks removed
  • 1 Apple Peeled, cored and chopped
  • 1-2 tbsp Peanut Butter Make sure it doesn't contain Xylitol as that is poisonous to dogs
  • 1 Splash of water
  • 1 Silicon ice cube tray


  1. Add the strawberries to a blender and blend until smooth.

    Blend strawberries until smooth
  2. Spoon the smushed strawberries into your ice cube tray, filling it half-way.

    Spoon the strawberry mixture into the ice cube tray
  3. Clean your blender ready for the next stage.

    Clean your blender
  4. Add the chopped apple, peanut butter and a splash of water to the blender and blend until smooth.

    Blend apple, peanut butter and a dash of water until smooth
  5. Add this mixture to your ice cube moulds, filling them to the top.

    Fill the ice cube mould
  6. Freeze for at least 6 hours; ideally overnight.

    Freeze your dog treats for 6 hours
  7. Once frozen they are ready to feed to your dog! Remember - these are an occasional treat and one per day is plenty!

    Let your pet enjoy their frozen dog treats!

Got leftovers? Lucky you!

Depending on the size of your ice cube tray you may end up with leftovers.

You could store both mixtures in the fridge and re-fill the ice cube tray when your first batch has frozen – OR you could treat yourself at the same time you are treating your dog!

I like to mix the leftover shmushed strawberries in with the apple and peanut butter mix, add a generous helping of honey and some dessicated coconut and then stir into natural yoghurt.

It makes a wonderful healthy snack or you can even mix in some granola for a filling, fruity breakfast!

Fruit & yoghurt

Just remember that your dog shouldn’t be fed the mixture once you add sweeteners and other ingredients as it may not be pooch-friendly with all the extras.