Frozen Pizza Treats for Dogs

Frozen Pizza Treats for Dogs

Updated on July 20th, 2019

Pizza is one of my favourite foods, and my dogs usually end up getting a cheeky little piece of crust. With these frozen pizza treats, they get all the joy of cheese and tomato mixed together in a savoury and creamy doggie ice cream treat.

Making some scrummy frozen dog treats is just one of many ways you can keep your dog cool in summer.

This dog treat recipe is perfect for older dogs as the mixture is fairly soft-set, so it’s easy to crunch up and it melts quickly.

Plus, all that cheese makes them smell SO GOOD to your pooches!

Socks is a dog who loves his frozen pizza treats! Get the recipe here.

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Frozen Pizza Treats for Dogs

If your dog deserves some tasty pizza treats (and let’s face it, why WOULDN’T THEY?), these shaped silicon ice cube moulds are a great starting point to create some fun shaped treats.

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You’ll need a good blender to make a super-smooth mixture so that it fills all the gaps in the ice cube tray.

I use this Kenwood Mini Chopper which is BRILLIANT and works really quickly. The small size is perfect for making dog treats as you can create small batches of ingredients and it all twists apart so that you can clean it.

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Cheese & tomato frozen dog treats

Cheese and tomato frozen treats for dogs.

Frozen Pizza Treats for Dogs

A tasty combination of cheese, Philadelphia and tomato that your dogs will love!


  • 2 tbsp Philadelphia or other cream cheese
  • 1 handful Grated cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbsp Passata Make sure it doesn't contain onions or garlic
  • 1 splash Water (optional)


  1. Press a small amount of grated cheese into the bottom of each part of your ice cube mould

  2. Add the Philadelphia, passata, water and any remaining cheese to a blender

  3. Blend until smooth

  4. Spoon into the moulds and fill to the top

  5. Freeze for 6+ hours; ideally overnight