Frozen Chicken Lollipops for Dogs

Frozen Chicken Lollipops for Dogs

Updated on September 3rd, 2019

Making frozen dog treats for fussy eaters can be tricky. Using meat and chicken stock is a great way to tempt those who would normally turn their nose up at homemade treats. Even my super-fussy Freddie loves these frozen chicken lollipops!

Having a fussy eater can be a little bit demotivating when you are making homemade dog treats.

You put all your heart and soul into creating delicious treats, only for your pooch to give them a quick sniff and then wander off *sob*.

Socks the shih tzu eating a frozen chicken lollipop dog treat in the garden

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I know how that feels. My shih tzu Socks will eat ANYTHING and barely stop to chew, but Freddie, a shih tzu/jack russell cross, is more discerning when it comes to homemamde treats.

He is particularly fussy about frozen treats – I don’t think he really likes the cold feeling, even on a hot day.

However, when I presented him with one of these frozen chicken lollipops, he took it out my hand straight away and starting munching – which I call a definite RESULT!

It probably helped that they use gravy bones as the “stalk” for the lollipops, which are his favourite treat.

Dog licking and eating a frozen chicken lollipop treat

How to make frozen chicken lollipops for dogs

These frozen chicken dog treats a really easy to make. You can even use leftover chicken from a Sunday roast dinner, or any other cooked meats that you have available.

Frozen chicken treats for dogs. Get the recipe here!

All you need is an ice cube tray, a handful of cooked meat, some chicken stock (ideally low-sodium stock without onions or garlic in it as those aren’t good for your dog) and then something to put in to form the stalk of the lollipop. These Pedigree gravy bones worked perfectly!

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You’ll want to use quite a deep ice cube tray to allow the gravy bones to stand up. If your tray is too shallow then they will just fall over.

Not that your dog will actually MIND, of course (it still tastes great!), but for perfectly shaped little chicken lollipops, ideally the stalks will stand upright.

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Chicken dog treats with gravy bones

Frozen Chicken Lollipops for Dogs

Turn your leftover cooked chicken or turkey into a scrummy summer treat for your dog.


  • 2 handfuls cooked chicken or turkey
  • 200 ml chickenstock (low sadium; no onion or garlic powder/extracts)
  • 12 gravy bones (or however many you want to make!)


  1. Cut the cooked chicken into very small pieces

  2. Fill each section in the ice cube tray with the cooked meat

  3. Pour in chicken stock so each section is about 3/4 full

  4. Freeze for 2-3 hours

  5. Take the tray out the freezer and push the gravy bones into the treats

  6. If there is room, add a little more stock to help hold the gravy bone in place once the liquid freezes

  7. Freeze for 6+ hours; ideally overnight