How to get dog urine stains out of the carpet

How to get dog urine stains out of the carpet and prevent stains

Updated on October 2nd, 2018

We all hope that our dogs are going to behave when it comes to not making a mess inside your house. Whether that is fur, chewing things or perhaps even worst of all, little accidents on the carpet.

Even the best-behaved dogs can make a mistake sometimes. Despite your best efforts, sometimes you can find yourself faced with a urine stain that needs treatment.

So, what can you do to get a urine stain out of your carpet?

The steps for cleaning a dog urine stain out of your carpet

Hopefully, when your dog does have an accident in your home, you are going to be there to not only notice it, but then also take action on it.

Any stain is going to be easier to clean if you can get to it straightaway. The same is true for urine stains.

Here are some tips for getting fresh urine stains out of your carpet.

Absorb the urine

First, you need to make sure that you have absorbed the mess.

It is best to do this with paper towels or perhaps wet towels, with weight on the top. This will allow you to absorb as much liquid as possible.

It sounds strange, but wetting the towels first will help to absorb the liquid and then in turn clean the floor underneath.

Wet the stain with clean, cold water

You should aim to leave the towels, weighed down, on the stain for 10 minutes at the very least.

After this, you need to re-wet the stain with water, this will help to wash out some of the leftover urine and clean the carpet.

You will need to dry up the water after applying, with more clean towels.

Apply a specialised urine cleaning product

Once you have done this, you will need to use a specialised enzyme cleaner which will break down the smell and the stain itself, making sure that your carpet looks clean and that there is no scent left to tempt them into urinating in that same spot again.

This is something that dogs and cats will commonly do if they can still smell the old urine patch.

Leave to dry

You will then need to allow the spot to dry, perhaps by placing a new towel over the top.

This may take the night to dry completely, depending on your carpet.

What if urine treatment on carpet doesn’t work?

Hopefully, you will find that this was enough and your carpet will be left looking fresh and clean, however, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes a urine stain may be a little tougher than you may have originally thought.

Steam clean

If this is true for you, then you might want to consider steam cleaning your carpet.

This will use steam to lift the stain and treat it right through the carpet.

Rather than just on the surface, also it doesn’t hurt to give your entire carpet a once over.

As you can see, urine stains are not always the easiest things to treat, however it is possible to clean your carpet and remove any trace of your pet’s accident, without damaging your carpet.